Whitehat Copycat Is Time Bekker Living Up To The Hype Or Is It Just Hype

by avlxyz

When Whitehat Copycat by Tim Bekker arrived on the scene in 2009 it was an enormous success. This “stupid simple way” of bringing in profits within Thirty days took the internet marketing world by storm. At this point Bekker is releasing a sequel: Whitehat Copycat 2. Here is exactly what it is all about.

It is not a regular niche internet marketing program. Normally you get advised to look for a micro niche, a market where there may be sufficient possibilities and little competition. Most seo gurus will tell you that you need to get after key terms which get you a minimum of 80 visits daily when you are number 1 in Yahoo and google and as well less than 30,000 competing websites when you do a phrase match search (that means your keyword in quotes).

Bekker will certainly educate you on the precise opposite. He prefers you to locate a macro niche, a marketplace that’s so massive it isn’t going to make a difference what number of people are promoting in it. Additionally that you do not need multiple web sites to promote multiple offers. As outlined by Bekker one domain will do.This tends to sound like an impossible feat but that is the way the training is created. Using this type of approach Bekker was able to obtain 60,000 visitors per month fairly often. I have to say that I am very curious about how he accomplished this. It speaks against almost everything we have been taught by other trustworthy internet marketers.

Everything in Whitehat Copycat 2 is structured as easy as it can be to enable you to very easily copy it as often as you need and for this reason earn more money in the process. Which is where the “copycat” part will come into play. Employing these strategies will not cost you much also. It is not about ppc or any pay for traffic. You’ll receive cost-free targeted traffic through Google. So expect to master a lot of priceless SEO methods in this program. As a benefit you’ll get web site themes which have been tested to convert. You don’t need to become coding geek for making money online.

Tim Bekker will be coming out with an innovative product in the new year that he will release on January 6 if you’d like to find out more with regards to the product Clik n Bank go to our web site Get Click n Bank, also join the Click n Bank bonus list.

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