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Make money online right now – that’s the name of the game, right? Absolutely! Who wouldn’t want to use the internet to make some money, provided they don’t mind using the internet of course. Everybody looking to make money online is searching for the best and quickest ways to do it, right? Duh! But who’s got the best answers to these questions? Who’s giving you solid, valuable information and who’s blowing smoke and making money on you? Those are some extremely popular questions right now, so we’re going to take a look at what the options out there are for the everyday people who are looking to make a little extra cash to totally replacing their income to building a multi-million dollar affiliate business or an amazing lifetime residual mlm income.

Look, I’m going to be harshly honest here. There are lots of fantastic ways to make money online right now, and there are scads of scams and empty promises, too. But before we go any further, let me explain what I personally mean by “right now” so as not to mislead anyone. The internet marketing methods I’m going to talk about with you here are more than likely not going to give you money in a week, maybe not even in your first month, even though that is indeed doable. Some people are able to do it, but the average Joe or Jane, probably not. Hey, I’m just being honest here. There’s always a learning curve and generating leads takes at the minimum a little time. The goal is to make certain you’re using the best lead generating techniques available in addition to getting the best instruction and training you you are able to get in order to make sure your learning curve is as flat, or short, or as small as possible.

I’ve been doing a little investigation on what pops up on google when you type in make money online right now, and I found everything from doing paid surveys, data entry positions, and a multitude of “get paid cash quick” online business opportunities. I especially love the ones that inform you that you can make 97 in your first week, and give you testimonials of those who have made more than 2K in 24 hours. Is it possible? Absolutely. On the internet, you may be surprised at what’s possible. But is it probable for the average person, particularly for folks who are either inexperienced or have not experienced any real success yet? No way, and you’re simply making those people richer when you buy into their hype.

I have to mention that if you’re timing is right on, you might be one of those fortunate ones who uses somebody else’s replicated website to promote their program, which in essence consists of selling other people on the same perception you just bought using the identical sales page that lured you in. If you are one of the first ones who jump on the opportunity, and you have any marketing skills at all (because you still have to get people to discover your sales page), you might just bring in some quick cash. But unless what they are providing has genuine long term value, say like Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring, which remains absolutely relevant today, then it will be short term success at best.

I also found some people who complained that most of what they found out there when they did a search for how to make money online right now was a bunch of internet marketing systems to teach folks the best ways to use the internet to create an incredible mlm income or affiliate income. Well why do you think that is? Undoubtedly it’s because they are addressing the problem that a good 95% of the folks looking to make money online are facing: how to generate free leads for whatever their online business of choice, and how to generate income WHILE they’re doing that.

Let’s be honest here. The majority of folks hoping to make money online right now are wanting more than paid surveys can provide. And doing data entry or medical billing online is still trading time for dollars, only leaving out any of the insurance or retirement benefits you might get at a traditional job. So it seems to me that those offering a system that teaches you how to generate free leads, how to transform those leads into prospects, how to use built in funded proposals to create immediate income, many times as soon as you start generating leads, all while you’re building a long term residual income and massive mlm income from a number of of those same prospects is a fairly clever way to go.

The real feat here is finding the right system. It should be based on Attraction Marketing, include the funded proposals, and provide ongoing training on the most current and cutting edge lead generation strategies available to help you develop your own affiliate and/or mlm business as swiftly and solidly as possible. I say solidly because you basically plug your new team members into the same system that attracted them to you, and it will provide them with the necessary funds to stay with the program until they build their own network, just like it did for you, and so on, and so on.

If you get the full picture here, if you pick up on the real vision, you will begin to understand that plugging into the right system can not only change your life for the better forever, but just take a couple minutes and think about how many other lives you’ll touch, you’ll change, you’ll help to set free. It’s staggering, really, to consider all those people who might be able to enjoy financial freedom, freedom from constant worry about the bills, wishing they could do more for their families, working overtime every week just to pay all of the bills. How would you feel about yourself and when you look back on your life if you were able to not only live the life you’ve always dreamed of with your family, but also helped dozens, perhaps hundreds, and maybe even thousands of people get free too. That would be an amazing life. A life well lived.

Well it is possible. It is possible to make money online right now, and it is possible to insert yourself into the right system, develop a team, plug them into the identical system, rinse and repeat. I’m a little embarrassed to admit how many of those “make 00 in 24 hour” programs I’ve joined in the past before I discovered the system I use. And no, I never earned that kind of cash from any of them. However, I’m definitely cruising in high gear at a speed I never thought possible on the way to my financial freedom.

Hey, don’t take my word for it. Investigate and discover it for yourself. Bulding a successful online business is in certain ways very similar to building a traditional business in that it requires actual time, work and perserverance. If you come across one of those “you can make money online right now without any money, any skills or any of your time…everything is done for you,” RUN! If all the work is done for you by them or their system, then why in the world do they need you? So do some serious exploration before you jump into anything. Make certain you’re looking at the full picture, both short term and long term, and don’t let those dollar signs, aka greed, cloud your judgement.

As always, keep it real, and keep taking action!

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