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The great expansion of the internet has brought with it the phenomenon of affiliate marketing. Companies and vendors now have the whole world as their marketplace. But since they cannot spread the news to the vast world-wide web all by themselves, they have to recruit an army of salespeople called affiliate marketers. Because of the ease with which even newcomers on the internet can start an affiliate marketing business, there is, unfortunately, fierce competition in this business. There is a high failure rate of over 90% according to most experts. Many who start as affiliates with great joy and hope soon fall by the wayside and their dreams of internet riches go up in smoke! The reasons why people fail in affiliate marketing is probably as varied as the types of products they sell. But there are certain traits and characteristics that set apart the ones who succeed. If you are new to affiliate marketing or are not progressing as you think you should, it is imperative to pay attention to these traits and characteristics. They may just save your internet business life.Trait #1: Desire to learnIt is quite astonishing how many people believe that you don’t need any training to do anything on the internet. And so a complete newcomer, with no sales experience becomes an affiliate of a big company, gets a website and assumes that he has the skills to market the affiliate product because- well- it is the internet. To be a good affiliate marketer, you need to learn the tricks of the trade, so to speak. You must have a burning desire to learn. A desire to learn what affiliate marketing is all about. A desire to learn from those who have succeeded. You don’t become a proficient mechanic just by going to the mechanic once in a while to have your vehicle fixed. You become a mechanic by working closely under a master mechanic. In the same way, to be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to have a willingness to be trained.Trait #2: Willingness to invest time and effort into your businessJust because you think affiliate marketing is easy does not make it so. I am not saying it is difficult either. But what all affiliate marketers have to realize is that every business has to be built up before it is successful. And building up your affiliate business requires you to invest time and effort in it. Your willingness to do this will set you apart from majority of affiliates who want to live the “internet lifestyle” of money and ease without work. May affiliate programs will tell you that all you need is 15 minutes a day to build up your business. That is not entirely correct especially at the beginning when you are starting with nothing. You should be willing to work 2-4 hours a day in order to learn more about your affiliate business; how it works; the best way to get visitors to your website; the most effective ways to advertise. All these take time and effort and you should be willing to give both. Investing a little money comes with investing time and effort. Trait #3: Determination to succeedEveryone who has succeeded in affiliate marketing knows that when you start it may take weeks or months to make your first dollar. Just because you have worked as a affiliate for 3 weeks and have not made any money does not mean that you should quit. If you are doing you advertising and marketing in a planned way, remember the purchases will come as you continue to work at your business. I believe the reason many affiliate marketers quit too soon is because they have not put a lot of money to start the business. A great this about affiliate marketing is how easy and inexpensive it is to start. Think about it; if you started an offline business with an investment of ,000, would you close it down after a month because you have made not money? Don’t jump from one affiliate opportunity to another just because you have not make money in a few weeks. Be determined to succeed as an affiliate marketer and you will!Trait #4: DisciplineDiscipline is very important to your success as an affiliate marketer. You need to have work hours for your internet business just as you have for your J.O.B. You should not leave your business unattended for days or weeks and get to it when you feel like it. As you succeed and make more money, you may not need to work for hours a day. But even when you are successful, be disciplined enough to “go to your office” and work on your affiliate business on a regular basis. And don’t forget to keep meticulous records! That is part of the discipline. The IRS will make you pay if you deduct any kind of business expense without good records. You can use EXCEL files for most record. For small text files you can use NOTEPAD. Whatever you do, keep good records of everything.Trait #5: OptimismThose who have a dream or a goal and focus on it with an optimistic spirit will usually achieve that goal or make that dream become a reality. Don’t view you temporary setbacks as failures. Rather see them as necessary training to reach your goal, as I was able to write my research paper from a scratch when I realized that it doesn’t fit the chosen topic. Be optimistic about your affiliate business. That optimism will actually give you physical and mental energy to carry you through the most difficult days.

If you put these qualities into the running of your affiliate marketing business, you will be surprised how fast your business will grow. You will not only make good money from affiliate marketing, you will actually come to enjoy it.


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Yaw Boateng is a physician who is passionate about internet marketing. For further information on how to succeed in affiliate marketing and make a great living as an affiliate, visit my website:


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