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Mushroom management urban dictionary

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mushroom management urban dictionary

I told him I thought it was too complicated of a business, he lacked the skills on his team to pull it off, it would take too much money and in the end I wasn’t sure it would be a valuable product. I said as I always do, “my view point is ONE data point. I might be wrong. Get lots of data points. Mix mine into your pot and see how it settles. I’m not always right but I’d rather tell you what concerns me than to sweep it under the rug.” In this gentleman’s case I was worried about his personal money because he wasn’t a 20 something. He had a family. And he was one of those guys that you meet and you just want to help because he’s so earnest and nice.
Also – new terminology for delivering that type of news: “You Simonized me (as in Simon Cowell from American Idol)!! I grew up and played sports all my life. I come from a world that if the coach wasn’t yelling at you, it meant he didn’t care. I appreciate you giving it to me straight.”

I found that most VC’s never gave me any feedback when I was pitching. The “loved what I was doing but were working on other things and would love to stay apprised of my progress.” Either that or they would “noodle on it and get back to me.” Yeah, right!
I was nearing the end of my tenure at Accenture so my cheekiness and irreverence were on the rise. At a strategy offsite with several hundred strategy employees I was giving a presentation on stage and I asked, out loud, “why do we keep grin fucking each other (you could actually say that out loud in England) on the topic of Integrated Strategy? Privately you all acknowledge that nobody believes in it yet we’re letting our leadership continue to invest our money and reputation on something we know is going to fail because it has no real basis. I sure wish more people would speak up.” Obviously I got many laughs and applause. I guess not the most politic thing I’ve ever done, but you can ask anybody who was in the strategy practice of Accenture in London in 1999 and they’ll confirm I really did this.

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Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street is basically the poster child for the definition of ornery.
One, it’s a terrible-sounding word, a word that kind of makes you cringe when you hear it like “moist” or “orifice.”

Tom is the leader of the designing team for a computer company, who is working on a plan B in case the main project fails. Eventually, the main plan fails and the backup plan –code-named “Eagle” – becomes the company’s only hope in catching up with the competition.
Tom has a bunch of college freshers as the team, who have never designed anything in their life before. On the other hand, Tom has to grapple with new technology and tools to work with and for which he has no skill-set at hand.

Following is an excerpt from their article – NASA’s findings on the human factors involved in airline accidents:

Google News Archive
13 June 1987, Palm Beach (FL) Post, “Politics” by Ray Huard, pg. 1B, col. 1:
Quoting them
‘Keep them in the dark and feed them lots of b.s.”—the “mushroom theory” of legislation advanced by one Tallahassee veteran who wished to remain anonymous.
16 December 1976, Mobile (AL) Press Register, “Hospital gains accreditation” by Martha M. Simmons, Baldwin County Edition, pg. 1, col. 5:
They cited a “whitewash” from officials concerning hospital problems, calling actions there “mushroom management keeping us in the dark, feeding us a lot of (Pg. 4, col. 1—ed.) manure, and hoping we’ll grow.”

Last July I made a post in which I basically cherry-picked Urban Dictionary definitions about fish, catfishing, mushrooms, and astroturf. Someone sent me this suggestion:
I’d also like to mention Louis’s mushroom-cloud/exploding head shirt, which he wore at the Summertime Ball on 6/5:

You might also have noticed that many of the synonyms or related slang words are racist/sexist/offensive/downright appalling – that’s mostly thanks to the lovely community over at Urban Dictionary (not affiliated with Urban Thesaurus). Urban Thesaurus crawls the web and collects millions of different slang terms, many of which come from UD and turn out to be really terrible and insensitive (this is the nature of urban slang, I suppose). Hopefully the related words and synonyms for ” term ” are a little tamer than average.
Due to the way the algorithm works, the thesaurus gives you mostly related slang words, rather than exact synonyms. The higher the terms are in the list, the more likely that they’re relevant to the word or phrase that you searched for. The search algorithm handles phrases and strings of words quite well, so for example if you want words that are related to lol and rofl you can type in lol rofl and it should give you a pile of related slang terms. Or you might try boyfriend or girlfriend to get words that can mean either one of these (e.g. bae). Please also note that due to the nature of the internet (and especially UD), there will often be many terrible and offensive terms in the results.

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The Urban Thesaurus was created by indexing millions of different slang terms which are defined on sites like Urban Dictionary. These indexes are then used to find usage correlations between slang terms. The official Urban Dictionary API is used to show the hover-definitions. Note that this thesaurus is not in any way affiliated with Urban Dictionary.

In the case of Iran, we have seen instances where OFAC has used the designation authority under the so-called material assistance provision as an enforcement tool to target non-Iranian individuals and entities engaged as middlemen in trade with Iran. We can expect a similar approach to the North Korea sanctions in an effort to further isolate the regime.
US export controls, administered by the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security generally prohibit unlicensed exports and re-exports to North Korea of commercial and dual-use products. In addition, US export controls ban exports of luxury goods, such as wines, cigars, jewellery, art, clocks, clothes, and sports equipment. With regard to the last restriction, basketball celebrity Dennis Rodman found himself under investigation by OFAC for the high-end gifts he brought to North Korea in January 2014, including custom suits, a fur coat, bottles of Jameson and a designer handbag for the leader’s wife, totalling about $10,000.