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  • To provide clients an honest, real-time assessment of their current workplace, which
  • Informs the design process of the new space, addressing critical issues and ensuring maximum productivity, so the project as a whole can
  • Deliver measurable results

The findings revealed: workstations and meeting areas could be improved to support more visual contact among employees; circulation paths, common areas and amenities could promote a richer sense of community; and furniture and work settings could be more flexible.

Like most people, my garage has always been a mess. I could barely get my car door open. It was completely overwhelming and I had no clue where to start. Stephanie encouraged me, yet gently pushed me. She brought things out for me to see so I could decide if it was a keep or go. . Read More about Garage Before & After
Even though it was an eyesore, I never really thought about organizing my pantry, but did so on Steph’s recommendation. I was feeling a little overwhelmed when we were taking EVERYTHING out of it. To actually see the mess was harder than I expected, yet I was so happy Steph made that . Read More about Pantry Before & After

#5. Cockroaches: Cockroaches are definitely one of the most common and most dangerous pests on our list. They have the potential to spread 33 different kinds of bacteria and they can trigger asthma attacks in children. Since cockroaches tend to be found near pipes and drains, keep kitchens and bathrooms sanitized, vacuum frequently and ensure that all cracks around the home are sealed.
#1. Rodents: Some of the most common fall intruders are mice and rats. Just like us, they need warmth and food to survive the winter. A concern because they can spread diseases, build nests in insulation and chew through wiring causing fires, these cunning little invaders have the unique ability to fit through cracks as small as a nickel, making small spaces and holes in the foundation easy entryways. And, they rarely travel alone, often bringing fleas, mites, ticks and lice along with them creating even more issues. To prevent these creatures from entering the home, always store food in airtight containers and seal all cracks around the foundation of your home. Rodents reproduce extremely quickly, so if an infestation is suspected, a pest professional should be contacted immediately.

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Free and confidential advice is also available via The Royal British Legion’s dedicated Benefits, Debt and Money Advice (BDMA) service which helps all members of the Armed Forces community in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. See more about this and other services.
As a veteran, you may be genuinely entitled to recompense for injuries received during service. You also don’t need to wait until you’ve left before claiming.

Indeed, the women who suffered the biggest earnings shocks had their first baby between ages 25 and 35, which is the period when workers’ earnings see the steepest increases.

While women never regret having a child, they do pay a price.

  • 3 Minute Budget Calculator: Take a look at your regular expenses and determine if you are living within your means. You might find some areas that need improvement. Maybe you’ll have an “Aha” moment when you see where some of your extra cash has been going.
  • Stocks or Bonds? Enter different amounts for how much you want to invest. Then, compare the average returns on stocks and bonds and pick the investment that’s right for you.
  • Figure Out a Reserve for Unemployment: You don’t need us to tell you that the job market can be unpredictable. Use this tool to calculate how much you should put aside in case you face an unexpected unemployment period.
  • Figure Out Which Mortgage is Right for You: Buying a home? Or, maybe you just want to do some research about home financing. Either way, use this tool to compare different types of mortgages and their rates. The tool is customizable, so you can enter values for your particular situation.
  • Learn About Mutual Funds: Planning for retirement is important even when you’re young. Use Squared Away’s investment resources to evaluate which options may be best for you. Learn about mutual funds, 401(k)s, IRAs, and other investments.

The tools were made with the user in mind and are both easy to use and visually impressive. The site is just underway, and we are looking for users to test out the resources and submit feedback to us. If you’re ready to “Square Away” your finances, head over to the site here and check out some of these features:

Ducks in a row, sinking.
Dear Word Detective: I told my boss something was “squared away” and suddenly wondered where that phrase comes from, and why it’s a good thing for a person, in this case, thing, or situation to be squared away. I fussed around the internet and came away with three options: it means old fashioned as in “square” music; it refers to boxing or wrestling where opponents “square off” against each other, or it’s the dreaded “nautical term” meaning the sails are at right angles to the deck of a ship in relationship to wind direction (or some such) and therefore in good order. Sadly, I want it to be the nautical definition because I just don’t see how getting ready to get pounded to a pulp or twisted into a knot is a good idea. For that matter I don’t know how one sail position is better than another unless it just satisfies a sense of order, but there you go. That’s those nautical phrases for you. — Victoria Ayers.

To prevent this from happening to you, consider that boomers typically must go through four tasks as they transition to a satisfying retirement; Amabile and her team members – Lotte Bailyn, Douglas Hall, Kathy Kram, Marcy Crary, and Jeff Steiner – saw these four tasks in many of their interviews with baby boomers.
But older workers in a wide variety of professions are reckoning with the need to work longer than they might have planned so they can afford to retire.

It’s funny how life in the financial world works: when you’re borrowing for college, it seems as though everyone is willing to help you sign on the dotted line. But, when it comes to repaying your loans, you’re on your own to figure out how to navigate the repayment options. Not anymore!
Squared Away Consulting offers consulting for students, past, present and future. We can show you the options for getting your financial situation under control.