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5 Tips on how to do my management essay

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Management is one of the most sought-after courses in today’s era as it helps an individual develop management, entrepreneurial, creative, and analytical skills; all of which are essential for a successful career. However, sometimes due to the academic workload, students enrolled in management courses fail to devote their time in honing these skills. The long lectures, class tests & semester exams, and management essay writing work take up their whole time. Well, you can’t save yourself from the lectures and exams, but there’s a way to beat back the stress that assignments cause to you.


Even though a management essay does have some peculiarities of its own, it is still — first and foremost — an academic assignment, and it has to follow a conventional academic writing format. Here’s what a structure of any management essay should look like:

  1. Introduction
    1. Quickly introduces the topic of the paper and its importance
    2. Briefly discussed the aspects of the topic under analysis
    3. Presents a clearly formulated thesis statement
  2. Body paragraphs
    1. First argument
      • Introduction of the first argument (topic sentence)
      • Supporting evidence for the first argument
      • Logical transition to the second argument
    2. Second argument
      • Introduction of the second argument (topic sentence)
      • Supporting evidence for the second argument
      • Logical transition to the third argument
    3. Third argument
      • Introduction of the third argument (topic sentence)
      • Supporting evidence for the third argument
      • Logical transition to the fourth argument (optional) or conclusion
    4. Fourth argument (optional)
      • Introduction of the first argument (topic sentence)
      • Supporting evidence for the first argument
      • Logical transition to the conclusion
  3. Conclusion
    1. Quickly restates the main points of body paragraphs
    2. Rephrases a thesis statement
    3. Proves the relevance of a thesis statement in real-life business environment

Management Essay Topics

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Three stages for a business and management essay

1) Read, understand and analyze the ESSAY QUESTION in full.

Often, a business and management essay will ask you to analyze, review, interpret, examine an issue. Often, such an essay will require a focus on real companies and questions which ask a student to COMPARE AND CONTRAST two companies or sectors are popular, as are case studies.

2) Do the RESEARCH for your business and management essay.

This important second stage is often underemphasized or even skimped by students who cannot see the point of it. But be sure, the more work is put in here, the better and more thorough your final essay will be, and the higher marks your essay would get.

3) Make a PLAN for your business and management essay

Always have a plan. An essay will often have a simple BEGINNING (Introduction), MIDDLE (main body) and END (conclusion). This is a logical sequence that mirrors story-telling. Bullet points or arrows are useful to list main points.


In recent times one important thing that management essays should take into consideration is its ability to be searchable. Since many management essays can turn up online either in university databases or online academic journals, these essays must incorporate the keywords or meta-tags that relate to the main topic of the essay. There should be some crucial keywords that are repeated enough times to make the essay more searchable by search engine web crawlers. Such essays will also benefit from an easy to read format.

So we see that management essays should be succinct in revealing the ideas of the writer. The writer must convince the reader with enough practical market examples from credible corporations and sources. The conclusion and recommendations should tie together the main argument and have a powerful finish. There should be fluidity of ideas and information throughout the essay. Current day management essays should be online-savvy and easy to read. Most importantly, a good management essay should have a new offering in the area of management which is presented with integrity and conviction by the writer.

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