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debt blog

By doing this, I prevented myself from putting more money toward my debt in order to pay it off sooner.
I received a raise in our two-year battle with debt, but only increased lifestyle and paying cash for hubby’s tuition.

Do you really have $200 a month to spend on golf? Are you serious? But it’s not just the golfers out there who need to re-think their club dues. Do you spend a ton at craft stores but never get around to starting your project? Home improvement stores can also cost you several Benjamins in one visit.
You’ve probably heard this a thousand times—but are you doing it? You can save a ton of money just by showing a coupon to the cashier. Just be sure you’re using coupons for products you already buy, otherwise you could end up overspending on items you’ll never use. That’s how you end up with 10 bottles of spicy mustard sitting in your pantry.

Family Money Plan: When this young father announced his plan to pay off his $320,000 mortgage early, everyone thought he was crazy. That told him he was on to something good: “If everyone thinks it’s impossible, you could be on the right track, or you could be crazy. Dig a little deeper to see which one it is. Then take action.” Spoiler: Six years later, he did it. See everything they gave up on their journey to mortgage freedom.
Millennial Money Man: This newly minted high school band teacher knocked out $40,000 in student loans in two years. In addition to offering plenty of tips on tackling student debt, he has plenty of ideas on starting your own online side hustle to bring in more cash.

History Buff has taken another step towards adulting…he has just accepted and begun a full time job. He is super excited. And I am excited for him.
– Stocking up enough food for 14 days
– Getting sufficient medicines, especially for my asthma
– Creating a plan for our business

Budgeting is already hard enough, and the holidays don’t make it any easier. Download this holiday shopping budget template and follow our step-by-step guide to keep yourself from overspending and … [Read more. ] about Free Holiday Shopping Budget Template To Keep You Out Of Debt
December 14, 2019 by Arsen Libanov

So you’re ready to charge full steam ahead at paying off your debt, doing everything you can to throw extra cash at your lenders until you’re officially debt-free. If you stay focused and plan strategically what you’re doing with your income, you can pay off debt faster.
As yet another year draws to a close and a new decade begins, it’s time to reflect on the past 12 months, how you’ve fared with paying off debt, managing your budget, and what you’d like to do with the year ahead.

Many people come to a financial crossroad. That moment when you finally realize you have more debt than your budget can handle, and you’re ready to make a change. An immediate change. Like, right now. View Post
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Getting out of debt is something you can do yourself with the right tools and motivation.
Nicholson took a second job at a tax office, working nights and weekends, and lived on two-thirds of her income. “During tax season I worked seven days a week without any vacations or time off. It was tough, but I had a goal to be debt-free within a year,” she says.

It’s a great way to focus in on your willpower and expand your knowledge on how you spend money.
This boils down to the fact that people feel guilty about their debt. They’d rather bury their heads in the sand than look at the reality of the situation and do something about it.

Steve Rhode, the Get Out of Debt Guy, is one of those people who has been everywhere and done everything, including going bankrupt back in 1990. He’s been on countless news programs and “big brand” blogs, but his own blog is dedicated to “help[ing] you find an honest and truthful solution to resolve your debt and credit situation.”
Founder of Money Talks News Stacy Johnson is committed to providing ordinary people with what they need “to destroy your debts, build your savings, and accomplish your goals.” On this debt blog you’ll find posts on a wide range of useful topics, from car insurance to work ethics, to saving money at theme parks.