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Why Mobile Optimization Is Really Important for Your Blog?

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For a long time, people accessed blogs through their PCs. However, with the need for convenience and the coming of smartphones people need to access blogs from their phones. This concept is termed as mobile optimization. You could be asking what the point of mobile optimization is. Research by Tune.com shows that over 40 percent of transactions online is done on the phone, over 60 percent of shoppers research online using their smartphones whereas about 70 percent of mobile searches online lead to within an hour action. This tells you that mobile optimization has many benefits to your blog you need to know. The benefits are below:

Mobile Optimization Can Affect Your Conversions

The number of times people are on the phone is twice as much amount of time people spend in front of their desktops or laptops. Someone can easily access your website on their smartphone but will they enjoy the experience.

Often visitors will land on small buttons, pinching and scrolling, large images, and the hell; email confirmation. Such an experience will not encourage recurrent visitors because no one feels ready for a tiresome blog experience. Mobile optimization reduces friction on your blog leading to multiple first-time visits into frequent visits.  In case you are just a beginner in IT world you should read this technology advantage and disadvantage essay so it might help you to understand important basics.

Mobile Optimization Improves Your SEO Ranking

Google can also rank you based on blog reviews. An easy to use website means that visitors do not have to back out. Such can keep your site visits constant and increasing. You will not have to lose ranking to web appearance and user-friendliness on mobile phones. Such can boost your rankings online. It will be easy for people to find your blog because mobile optimization has improved your rankings.

Lesser Interruptions

Most blogs that can be accessed on desktops have invested so much on graphics. Graphics are not suitable for some mobile phones and can make access difficult. An optimized mobile has lesser graphics and lesser prone to graphical interruptions and freezing screens when a user is looking for vital information. In case, the user feels they need to view the blog in a desktop version; your blog should have an option for that. This way one can switch only based on preference.

Mobile Optimization Can Control Sales

A second in delay on a blog can lead to a 7 percent drop in sales. E-commerce platforms are leveraging on this. They know that they have to work towards getting their sales in control. It works for them when the cart abandonment is reduced, and checkouts to payment are increased. A blog that is quick to access will always generate more leads and sales; mobile optimization can help streamline your sales more than a responsive page.

Good Mobile Experience Means a Good Brand

It is funny how people will believe a brand with a mobile friendly blog. However, we cannot run from the fact that the goal of most brands is customer satisfaction. A poor blog experience could mean one will have to hurry on the site and leave. Mobile optimization makes it easy to load pages, click buttons or open tabs. Such an experience can keep up user belief in your blog. People will believe in a brand in a more powerful way than you do just because it made work easier for them.

Visitors Do Not Have to Carry Their Large Devices Everywhere

Mobile optimization brings out a portable experience. Today people can send emails wherever they are even when standing in a train, make payments from their phone, pull a cab on their phones and also shop online. Everybody loves the convenience that smartphones bring and the more portable the experience, the more convenient it feels, and the more suitable it is to use. If you have a business news blog, a user who is business correct would always want to visit your blog each day provided they can do it wherever they are, on their phone.

You Can Beat Your Competition With a Mobile-Optimized Blog

If you are looking to monetize your blog, then you need to win ads or be used as an affiliate marketing platform. If your blog is mobile friendly; therefore user-friendly,more advertisers could choose you over a blog that is not mobile optimized. Mobile optimization could be the masterstroke that earns you passive income from your blog. 

Even as we talk about Search Engine Optimization, there is a lot that requires to be optimized to rank your blog highly. One of those ways is mobile optimization which brings multiple benefits to your blog or website as shared above. Make the call today and have your blog mobile optimized. You will not be disappointed.

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