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Four-drive theory recommends that organizations should:

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four-drive theory recommends that organizations should:

BUSI 340 Quiz 3BUY HERE⬊htp://www.homeworkmade.com/liberty-4/busi-340/busi-340-quiz-3/BUSI 340 Quiz 3 1. Expectancy theory helps us to predict an individual’s: 2. Which of the following statements is consistent with the observations of Maslow? 3. In expectancy theory, valence refers to the: 4. ABC Corp. brought in a performance-based reward system that accurately identified employees who performed better than others. This practice improves employee motivation 5. Which of the following is applied by supervisors when they stop criticizing employees whose substandard performance has improved? 6. The best reinforcement schedule for motivating employees is a(n) _____. 7. In the four-drive theory, the drive ______ is most closely associated with the need for relative status and recognition. 8. Four-drive theory recommends that companies should: 9. Outcome/Input ratio and comparison other are elements of: 10. _____ states that much learning and motivation occurs by observing and modeling others, as well as by anticipating the consequences of our behavior. 11. The distributive justice rule employs the concept of: 12. The _____ of human beings are also called primary needs. 13. When are employees said to be empowered? 14. Which of these job design actions is a form of job enlargement? 15. Which of the following dimensions is possessed by employees, when they feel empowered, care about their work, and believe that what they do is important? 16. Which of the following is most consistent with employability—namely, that employees are expected to continuously learn skills that will keep them employed? 17. Which of the following are “golden handcuffs” that potentially increase continuance commitment? 18. A cable TV company redesigned jobs so that one employee interacts directly with customers, connects and disconnects their cable service, installs their special services and collects overdue accounts in an assigned area. Previously, each task was performed by a different person and the customer interacted only with someone at the head office. This change is an example of: 19. Which of the following is true about skill-based pay plans? 20. Before meeting a new client, a salesperson visualizes the experience of meeting the person and effectively answering some of the challenging questions the client might ask. This activity is an example of: 21. A unique feature of Herzberg’s motivator-hygiene theory is that it: 22. Which of the following is a concept that is represented by four dimensions: self- determination, meaning, competence, and impact of the individual’s role in the organization?
23. Which of the following does scientific management include?24. According to the self-leadership model, which of the following is true about positive self- talk?

-Increased productivity will lead to desired rewards, apparently as wages, promotions,
Maslow’s theory has great acceptance in the industry, thanks largely to the work of Douglas

Published on Aug 3, 2018
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Drives are instinctive tendencies to seek particular goals or maintain internal stability. Drives are hardwired in the brain (that is, everyone has the same drives), and they most likely exist to help the species survive.
As they become gratified, safety needs emerge as the strongest motivator. As safety needs are satisfied, belongingness needs become most important, and so forth. The exception to this need fulfillment process is self-actualization; as people experience self-actualization, they desire more rather than less of this gratification. Thus while the bottom four groups are deficiency needs because they become activated when unfulfilled, self- actualization is known as a growth need because it continues to develop even when fulfilled.

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Dissatisfaction: The morale of the entire office can be brought down when one employee lacks motivation. Employees who are not satisfied with their job might resort to quitting; therefore, this scenario should be avoided. The employees are to perform to their abilities in order to satisfy their customers and to retain them all the time. It is very easy for customers to spread word of mouth about a company that they are not satisfied with its performance, and the information can be spread very rapidly which can ruin the company’s reputation. Leadership is very vital because according to Stankiewicz-Mroz (2015), change in human resources will be expected, as well as re-evaluating the paradigms. A managerial skill will be needed to pull people together for the reputation of the company.
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Sense of Progress:
The following are descriptions of the four intrinsic rewards and how workers view them: 4

La evidencia empírica demuestra que los empleados motivados obtienen un mejor desempeño organizativo. El objetivo de este trabajo conceptual es expresar el progreso que se ha realizado en comprender la motivación de los empleados y el desempeño organizativo y sugerir modos de avanzar en la teoría relacionada con la motivación de los empleados y su desempeño organizativo. Reconocemos las limitaciones existentes en el desarrollo de la teoría y sugerimos una aproximación de investigación alternativa. El actual desarrollo de la teoría de la motivación se basa en un análisis cuántico convencional (p.ej. análisis de regresión multiple, modelos de ecuaciones estructurales). Dado que los investigadores están interesados en el contexto y el entendimiento de este fenómeno social holístico, se analizan en términos de combinaciones y configuraciones de un conjunto de variables pertinentes. Sugerimos que los investigadores tomen una aproximación teórica conjunta para complementar los análisis cuantitativos convencionales. Para avanzar en el pensamiento actual, proponemos una aproximación teórica conjunta para impulsar la motivación de los empleados y lograr un mayor desempeño organizativo.
Empirical evidence demonstrates that motivated employees mean better organizational performance. The objective of this conceptual paper is to articulate the progress that has been made in understanding employee motivation and organizational performance, and to suggest how the theory concerning employee motivation and organizational performance may be advanced. We acknowledge the existing limitations of theory development and suggest an alternative research approach. Current motivation theory development is based on conventional quantitative analysis (e.g., multiple regression analysis, structural equation modeling). Since researchers are interested in context and understanding of this social phenomena holistically, they think in terms of combinations and configurations of a set of pertinent variables. We suggest that researchers take a set-theoretic approach to complement existing conventional quantitative analysis. To advance current thinking, we propose a set-theoretic approach to leverage employee motivation for organizational performance.

The four-drive model of employee motivation is a holistic way to look beyond typical financial workplace rewards. It is an innovative and unique approach for organizational leaders, and each drive is necessary to understand motivation in the workplace. Executives typically concentrate their energy on the need for their employees to achieve by offering incentives, benefits, and higher base pay. However, the three additional drives in this theory combine with achievement to perform an integral role in employee motivation. Thus, this design presents a model for informed managers to boost worker engagement.
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