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Three WordPress Features You May Be Interested as a Blogger

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WordPress remains the world’s favorite host for people who would wish to be bloggers. You should be aware that WordPress domineers 33% of the web; that is not enough because the figure keeps rising by the day. This is because it has unique features that invite people to blog with them. In this article, we will focus on just three features that you may be interested as a blogger. It does not just power blogs but also applications, websites (whether simple or complex), portals, et al.

Its flexibility and uniqueness is the reason why people opt for it as compared to its competitors. Here are some of the features that you may find interesting as a wannabe blogger with WordPress or one who is already part of the WordPress community.


WordPress boasts of having close to 70 languages of the world that can be published in it. You may be a linguist, and you wish to have a WordPress powered blog that you want to write your heart out in whatever language you feel like. WordPress will be of help because you will need to get to a wider audience. Websites like Facebook Newsroom reaches different people of the world. It has to be written in the many languages of people who use Facebook. The most common popular languages as of 2010 include;

  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Arabic
  • Hindi Portuguese
  • Bengali
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • German

Therefore, one reason you should vouch for WordPress as the best host to power your blog is that you can write in whatever language that they offer. This is one feature that you should fall in love with before any other additional one because it is that wish communicates the intended message to your kind of audience.

Easy to Install

Before you had a blog with word press, you must have had in mind that you need some geeky skills to own one. You may have laughed out loud after finding out that to have WordPress installed in your personal computer or mobile phone is as easy as yawning when you are home alone and hungry. Its simplicity in the installation is one attractive feature that makes almost all newbies in blogging to give it a shot. Here are the steps of installing a WordPress application

  • Download the WordPress application to your personal computer
  • Create a database for WordPress on your server
  • Rename it to your suitable kind of username
  • Upload WordPress files to the desired location
  • Run the installation then wait to complete the installation

This video is a better explanation than the words we have written. It will make it look more practical, real and easy to follow. 

Developer Features

Developers would say that they mostly use WordPress to come up with different websites. These are some of the mini-feature that attract them to this kind of website host that even the leading news websites like BBC America and the New Yorker use to power their blog posts.

  • It has a plug-in system

It gives you the freedom to have an extension of plugins. As long as you can create yours, a plug-in repository will be created for you so that you can be free to maneuver to whatever heights and widths of your wish.

  • It has a theme system

You are free to create a theme that is in your imagination. Since it is your creation, you can choose whether to give it out for free or sell it to the people who may find it attractive on their blog.

  • It has an application framework

It has a myriad of features suitable for applications that you may need as a developer. All you need is to put more effort into your brain muscles.

  • It has customized content types

In as much as it comes with customized content types, you are free to come up with one of your own and explore your creativity to whatever direction you would wish to reach.

The features mentioned above are not skin-deep. You may find more features that may interest you even more, but these are weightier than the others.

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