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My digital footprint has not been outstanding over the years. Anytime I log on to the internet I open my Facebook account, Instagram, Twitter handle and Whatsapp account (Appendix 1).  I feel fascinated whenever I find a new post on my news feed on Facebook. I like and comment on photos shared my friends. I shift to Instagram and check the number of new likes that I have received from my followers. I also check on my friends’ accounts to update myself with the newly uploaded photos.  Essentially, doing this enables me to feel up to date with the current affairs.

Other than Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter, I use Google to store and share documents. I find the application to be convenient since I’m able to store my vital documents on the cloud without losing them as compared to the conventional mode of storage where they are prone to get lost.   Additionally, I use Google search to search any information. Mostly I use it to research for my studies, get updates on the stock markets. Equally, I use Google search to find out about new travel destinations since I love traveling.

I have noted that I have been spending a lot of time on social media sites.  Though I have been consoling myself that I need to keep in touch my friends as well as be on the trend, believe I do not need to spend many hours on the site. I bet I can utilize them time I see on this site to do useful things such as concentrating on my studies (Appendix 2) .  Additionally, this will be beneficial in lowering the cyber security threat that I have been exposed to previously.

Appendix one

  1. Estimate the reach of your active current digital footprint by performing the following steps:
    1. Upload Sites:



Snap Chat

Google Drive

  • Shopping Sites: List all the sites you have purchased from in the past year.





  • List all the social media or blog sites you regularly participate in.



Snap chat




  • Based on a given day’s average searches, estimate the number of web sites you visit in a year beyond the sites already listed above.

I bet I search the websites atleast 20times a day hence 7,300 times in  a year.

  • List the apps you use regularly on your devices that are not already listed above.

Google search

Google earth


Appendix 2

  • Characterize the kind of information that comprises your digital footprint by performing the following steps:
    • For each site above, list the kind of information that you believe is actively (intentionally) stored there and kind of information you believe might be passively stored and related to your data there. (Passive information is stored without you actively entering it.)
  • Compose an essay (300-500 words, 12 pt font, normal margins & good formatting practices). Address the following points:
  1. What were the major contributors to your digital footprint?

Facebook, active group discussions and comments on various posts, upload of photos, uploading personal information on age, birth date, education, work experience, location, at different times, residence,family relationship among others.

\Whatsapp: Location, photos and age.

Instagram: Photos and age.

Snap chat: Videos, Photos, location and residence.

  • How might you be able to manage your footprint for vulnerabilities, reputation, and energy usage?

I stop exposing my personal data on online platforms. I will also lower on the number of times that I search for information on google.

  • How will the results of this awareness activity affect your behavior, if at all? Basically, this will help increase the number of hours at my disposal hence enable me to concentrate on my studies.
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