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Three Best SEO Tactics to Bring More Traffic to Your Blog

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With technology, people with a great understanding of the internet and the way it functions have the opportunity to make money online. One of the ways one can make money online is through blogging. However, creating a blog is not enough to get you comfortable; you have to increase the number of people that visit the page to be able to make money off the blog. Attracting traffic is the one big task any blogger wishes to achieve. For this reason, we are going to share some SEO tactics that can bring more traffic to your blog below:

a) Use of Keywords

Google is the one search engine commonly known websites and blog on the internet. The work of Google is to make searching easy by anticipating searches through the understanding of reader intentions. Your site does not just rank on the first page unless you have optimized the content on your blog. Creating keywords alone is not enough to earn you enough traffic or more searches. There are activities you will engage yourself in so that this tactic works; content should be able to reflect user intent. The specifics are as follows:

  1. You need to know your audience

Not just the audience but also the target audience. An analysis of your audience will hugely motivate the kind of content you create for readership. You can focus on details such as age, gender, interests, location, among others.  You will notice that your audience is divided into categories. The point is to narrow down into topics that completely touch the hearts of your audience. Good content should be buyer-persona creating to allow users to like the content and subscribe to its stipulations.

  • Divide your content into clusters

Do not do an all-around topic. Your content needs to be divided and organized into specific themes in the forms of topics and clusters using pillar pages and clusters. A pillar page will comprise about 2000 plus words which provides a widespread touch on the subject. Clusters on the other page are smaller pages that are linked to and from the pillar page to explain the sections of the page. This method creates a library structure where through links one accesses multiple sources of information from a single page.

  • Do a keyword research

Keywords are many, anyone can generate them, but not all people can generate the most useful keywords. Tools such as keyword finder can help you get keyword rankings. This way you are aware of the most searched words online. Using such words could mean the probability of someone getting access to your blog is high. Remember that you do not have to flood your content with the keywords. Most pages stay with a 2.5 to 4 percent keyword density.

b) On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Onsite optimization is checking whether the right titles, images, tags, the content structure has been used on your blog to reach target audiences. On-page optimization also includes checking whether internal links have been used for your blog. Correct On-Page optimization can drive traffic to your blog. You could be asking yourself,” What keywords should I use?” The answers to this question are as below:

  1. Long-tail keywords

 A tail keyword is like a power-line. The single phrase can sum up your blog in the fewest words possible. This also calls for an understanding of user intent. The long-tail keyword is tight such that it can bring an exact result of the intended search and even so quality organic traffic.

  • Location-based keywords

Today we have Google Maps. We this feature your business location is well optimized. Someone search for your company could reach you quickly and even access your blog. As you optimize your content, remember to optimize location so that the users targeted in a particular area can also access you. Here, keywords can be fit with location making your blog even more accessible. Pay attention to some things such as the length. Focus more on quality rather than quantity. Check for freshness. Always make it a point to update your page from time to time.

c) Create Relationships

People need to know you; life has made it even easier to connect today thanks to social media. Most people share their posts or link blogs to their social media. There is, however, more to do to drive traffic to a blog using social media. Actions to support this tactic include:

  1. Have your blog URL clearly shown on the profile

Most social networks have a small part designated for URLs. If you are communicating with someone online about what you do, you could share your link. If they lose it and still wish to access your page, a link on your profile will come in handy.

  • Refer people to blog

The good thing about creating relations is that people will get more curious about you with time. Always direct people to get answers on your blog. Let them know about your location, product or working hours through your blog. They will learn to trust in the answers on your blog and could even switch on notification in case there is a new post. Such referrals could earn you organic visitors.

With the above information, you have a glimpse into some SEO tactics that can drive more traffic to your blog. Before you know it, the visitors will have converted to leads and even sales. Quite a good way to make money off blogging.

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