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Four Drive Model Theory

The Four Drive model presents human aspirations as a set of fundamental needs. The theory was introduced in the 2002 book titled Driven. These dynamic needs were acquired over time from human evolutionary past and became a part of the mental stock meant to serve as an advantage in the epochs to come.

The derived drives are elemental and cannot be broken down into smaller elements, yet provide a comprehensive understanding of what is behind human motivation. These complete drives are: acquire, bond, learn, and defend. Each of them is characterized by features influencing communication with other humans, in the workplace included.

What is Mushroom Management and How to Avoid it

Mushroom management is when a manager gives his employees the necessary job and tools but does not inform them about what purpose they are working for.

Nucor Steel Management Style

Nucor Corporation (NYSE:NUE) is one of the United States’ largest steel companies. Steel has been a tough business since the 2007 to 2009 recession, facing falling prices amid intense competition domestically and from foreign imports. But Nucor has managed to hold up really well, relatively speaking – partly because of its unique cost structure. Here’s why. Nucor’s […]

Why Mobile Optimization Is Really Important for Your Blog?

For a long time, people accessed blogs through their PCs. However, with the need for convenience and the coming of smartphones people need to access blogs from their phones. This concept is termed as mobile optimization. You could be asking what the point of mobile optimization is. Research by Tune.com shows that over 40 percent […]

Three WordPress Features You May Be Interested as a Blogger

WordPress remains the world’s favorite host for people who would wish to be bloggers. You should be aware that WordPress domineers 33% of the web; that is not enough because the figure keeps rising by the day. This is because it has unique features that invite people to blog with them. In this article, we […]

Cyber Aggression

In cyber warfare, psychological operations refer to the use of cyber technology and the internet to plan maneuvers that convey designated information and indicators to foreign audiences with the intention to sway their emotions, independent reasoning and motives (Wilson 3). In the long run, the intent is to reach out and influence individuals, groups, organizations […]

Digital Footprint

My digital footprint has not been outstanding over the years. Anytime I log on to the internet I open my Facebook account, Instagram, Twitter handle and Whatsapp account (Appendix 1).  I feel fascinated whenever I find a new post on my news feed on Facebook. I like and comment on photos shared my friends. I […]

Three Best SEO Tactics to Bring More Traffic to Your Blog

With technology, people with a great understanding of the internet and the way it functions have the opportunity to make money online. One of the ways one can make money online is through blogging. However, creating a blog is not enough to get you comfortable; you have to increase the number of people that visit […]